Tomboy online

Here is the story behind tomboy online.

As you know (or not) I am a web developer , working mainly with PHP. In the beginning of 2008 I started looking at different PHP Framework as I believed one will help me get rid of boring task in building web application .I figured that was a good idea to improve my skills and keep track of what's going on in the community. I also have a tendency to reinvent the wheel , so i thought to my self why not starting building a basic framework, It's a great way to learn and get a better understanding of how things work. Here is the beginning, but what next ? I needed a project to use this framework.

I needed something that would be useful to me to keep the motivation. I always loved tomboy , a note-taking application. One thing keep bothering me , I could not access my notes when I was not sitting at my personal PC. So I decided to create a small web application to be able to view my notes online, and it hasn't been done yet.

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