First release

Here we go , this the first release of Tomboy online.You can download the code here every thing is under AGPL.

Right now Tomboy online lets you consult a note and navigate through them.The list is sortable by title and by modified date , you can also search in title and content.A demo version is available here : demo

To install (PHP 5 required) :

  • download the source on
  • copy all files in your webserver root directory or any directory you want
  • ensure that your webserver as the ability to write into log/
  • copy all your tomboy notes in the note/ directory , there are stored in /home/user/.tomboy on linux machine

It should work

For the design I was inspired by sandy's mockup. I am not a webdesigner , anyone is welcome to help for a better look.

Tomboy online is based on small PHP framework written by myself and uses XML files as data storage.The framework is based on MVC design pattern and tries to avoid as much as possible high coupling between classes.I did different experiment and I am quite happy with the current solution.I used a parser to translate tomboy's XML note to HTML. It's base on lexer.php which comes from simple test. lexer.php offers tools to easily manage regexp. I read a lot lately about unit testing and Test Driven Developement, which I started to apply to this project. It explains why there are test for some class but not all. That's something I'll try to work on. I choose simple test for testing , it seems natural to me as I used a part of it in the project.

For any problems , bugs please use services : tomboyonline

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