Photo update

This blog tend to end up on the back burner for way to long. Anyway, I got around to take care of it a bit, more importantly I added a few photos online. Enjoy !

Some misc climbing picture from 2012 , including the following area :

  • Cape woolamai,
  • Arapiles
  • Different part of The Grampians (featuring a possum :) )

There are even a few pictures of a route we put up with Richard Basset-Smith, that's at cape woolamai :

Richard setting off

Myself seconding while Richard is laughing at my wriggling

It's named Navel Warfare , you can find the description in the new guide book We originally proposed Beached Az but it didn't fit in the crag theme.

Some more climbing from 2013 this time including :

  • Shenanigans in the Blueis
  • Easter at Arapiles with MUMC
  • A bit of crack climbing and even some bouldering.

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